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Download KML Manager 1.4.1

Tool for transforming the following file formats:

  • KML 2.1 (read and write)
  • KML 2.0 (read)
  • KMZ (read)
  • GPX 1.1 (read and write)
  • GPX 1.0 (read)
  • JOSM (Openstreetmap Editor) OSM XML (write)
  • CSV (read and write)
  • OVL ASCII (read and write)
  • ASC (TomTom, read and write)
  • ITN (TomTom, read and write)
  • OV2 (TomTom, write)
  • XML (write)
  • OSM (read)
  • NMEA logfile (GPS Daten, read)
  • Geocaching (read)
  • PTH (MagicMaps, read and write)
  • TK (Kompass Alpenverein, read)
  • PLT (OziExplorer Tracks, read)
  • BCR (Motorrad Routenplaner (Map&Guide), read)
  • WPT (PCX5 Garmin Waypoints, read)
  • Garmin POI Loader CSV (write)
  • Garmin Course TCX (read)
  • Nokia Maps POIs (lmx, write)
  • Osmosis Polygone (*.txt, write)
  • Trackspace (*.tsf, read)

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Open a supported file format (KML, KMZ, GPX, CSV, OVL, NMEA (GPS data), ASC (TomTom), ITN (TomTom), PTH (MagicMaps), BCR Map&Guide), PLT (OziExplorer) Geocaching and OSM (Openstreetmap)) and see your tracks and waypoints in the KML Manager. In the next step you can transform the selected waypoints or tracks into a different fileformat. You can export the whole data into a single KML file by choosing the menu entry 'File - Save (Google Earth' or you can just export a part of your data into KML, GPX, CSV, ASC (TomTom), ITN (TomTom), OV2 (TomTom), OVL, Nokia Maps POI or XML. If your file contains waypoints you will find the data in the 'Placemark' view. You can select only that data you want to export into your preferred file format. If your file contains tracks or routes you will find the data in the 'Linestring' view. You need to select that track you want to export. You can only export one track at the same time. After selecting your waypoints or your tracks, you have to click at the 'Export' button and a list of all supported file formats will appear. In the 'Placemark' view it is also possible to combine your selected waypoints to a new track. Hit the button 'Append linestring' and you will find a new track in the 'Linestring' view.

KML Manager and TomTom OV2 file format

The KML Manager supports creating POIs (OV2) for TomTom. I am using the TomTom One XL. I create my POIs for TomTom with the help of Google Earth. You just have to set some Placemarks in Google Earth and save the data as KML or KMZ file. In the next step you can export an OV2 file for TomTom. Additionally to the exported OV2 file you will find also a *.bpm file with the same name as you OV2 file. You have to copy the OV2 file and the *.bmp file to your TomTom.

Installation and technical requirements

Download the KML Manager to your local PC and unzip the file into a directory of your choice. You will find the setup files. Just double click at one of the setup files and the installation will start. If you want to remove the KML Manager from your system, you have to go to the system settings and choose the option 'Software'. You will find an entry for the KML Manager. The KML Manager was tested at Windows XP and Windows 2000. The software requires DotNet 2.0 framework. During the setup all additional requirements are checked and will be downloaded and installed.


The trialversion of KML Manager is working for 14 days after that time you can start the KML Manager but you cannot open any file. The trialversion of KML Manager has no restrictions at all. One license costs 12,95€. For payment you can use Paypal or Share-it (e.g. Creditcard). Do not forget to enter a valid email address. You will receive your licensekey for KML Manager via email. After receiving the license key, you have to start the KML Manager and have to choose the menu point 'Settings - Enter License Key'. After entering the license key you need to restart the KML Manager.

I do not ensure that the above mentioned file formats are compatible to any third party software or to any third party equipment. I do not ensure that the above mentioned file formats are fully implemented in all of theirs complexity. It is up to you to check if the KML Manager fits your needs.

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Payment with Digital River. Supports Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Paypal. You will receive your license key by Digital River.