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Openstreetmap Client

Openstreetmap client is a desktop client for Openstreetmap. It downloads and displays the tiles for the selected area at your local PC. The map can be moved by the arrow keys and the [+] and [-] keys at your keyboard. Controlling the map with your mouse is still work in progress.

Image "osmclient_11.png"

The Openstreetmap Client is open source software and sourcecode can be taken from the Sourceforge project webpage.


Planed features

Technical Requirements

Openstreetmap Client requires .NET 2.0 and was tested with Windows XP.


I stopped working at this project, please visit GPS Track Database which is a similar project.

Projects which are using Openstreetmap Client

APRS-Go is a Windows Mobile implementation of the APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) protocol. Ham radio operators use APRS to send short data packets containing information about their station. The APRS protocol defines several message types. The most frequenty used packet type contains station position (in latitude and longitude), station icon (automobile, house, bicycle, whether station, and many others) and free form comments. A typical APRS station includes a VHF transceiver, special APRS modem, GPS, computer and APRS software.

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